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Ways to Save Time Online – 1.5X Speed Your Video


Ways to Save Time Online

Most of us are watching at least a video a day.

Well, what if I told you that you could watch more videos, while also saving more time?

Efficiency is one of my favorite things, and I always try and simplify to do the most in the least amount of time.

Tip: Change video playback settings to 1.5X at Playback speed!

Whenever you are watching any content on YouTube or video tutorial, make sure you’re watching it at 1.5X speed.

I wouldn’t recommend fast-forwarding, since that increases the likelihood of you missing out even more.


The Advantage?

Boost your comprehension skill.

When you’re playingback everything at a slight-faster speed, you’re less likely to be bored or lose retention.

You’ll find the video more amusing, and you’ll still be able to retain the video’s inherent message.

The real value lies in forcing yourself to pay attention more – because if you don’t, you stand a greater chance on missing out on the details.

Most of us are easily distracted (even while watching a video).

I bet it’s very common for you to catch yourself texting on your phone, while watching a video.

Well, you just missed out on those few seconds ignored – and most people are too lazy to bother rewinding back.

Slow Speaker? No Problem

This method works especially well, for videos with speakers who talk really slow. It’s ok to speed them up.

Save time. As long as you can follow, you’re good.

You’r getting the the same information, just different digestion rate.

This is how I accelerate my learning and blaze through tutorial after tutorial. Hopefully this will encourage you to watch more seemingly-boring educational content as well.

Afterall, your skill is your greatest asset.

Til the next one.


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