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Stop Copying Your Competitor’s Playbook


You’re Doing It Wrong

Most brands nowadays are going on offense with the same marketing moves – all armed with the similar know-how, preached by the same authority sites (MOZ etc.).

The result? The same marketing footprints.

If you were a music artist back in 2010, pushing your sound on Myspace was mandatory. The standard practice was to mass-add friends, vandalize their walls with your attention-whoring content, and Direct Messaging key influencers in hopes of getting their attention to collaborate, or listen to your music.


If you’re trailing the footsteps in the rat race, you’ll always be in the rat race.

As a smart entrepreneur, you want to get the most ‘bang’ out of your time and energy.

This post is alla bout Playing differently. Stick to what works for most, but experiment with unconventional methods.

Here are some of my timeless marketing methods – which will never fade in impact.

Where there is too much noise and saturation in competition, you need to roll up your sleeves and figure out how to either avoid it – or go above and beyond.

Recognize the Timeless Plays

Direct messaging and E-mail works – so stick to it. If it works, double up on it.

DM’s and E-mail are the timeless moves that will never lose potency. Why? Because they are personal. They just exist on different mediums.

In the future, DM’s will also be done by voice – no typing required.

Finding your prospects easy. Ask yourself: Where would they hang out online and spend most of their time online? Go where there attention is.

If it’s YouTube, then buy ad space there. If your audience are gamers, promote on Twitch.

What’s Your No-Brainer Offer

Here’s my #1 rule before you market anything: Would you say ‘No’ to your own offer? If so, go back to the drawing board.

Make sure to then craft your pitch carefully, and make sure you are promoting at the right platforms. Oh, and never sound boring or desperate.

Your Goods, Better Be Good

Your product or service should be so good people will naturally flock to you, in waves more than you expected.

If you have a killer product or service, you’ve already completed 95% of the sale. The rest is up to whether your end-user has the budget, interest, or urgency to buy at that time.

Keep on improving your goods, and the sales will eventually take care of itself.


Test, Test, Test

Test what marketing sequences for your brand.

Don’t let your guesses rest, stress-test them. Never disqualify any hypothesis until time tells you so. This is what separates the real players from amateurs. The rookies don’t have the patience and pain tolerance to invest and wait.

What can you test?

For starters, you can test:

One ad against another

One headline against another

One pitch against another

One offer against another

One piece of content’s response against another

Always test. Never assume what works. Always put everything to vote.

You will only know what works for your business by doing it yourself, testing it, and by making small improvements to it until it works consistently for you.

Now, there’s one thing I’d should have also previously mentioned. If someone else has a successful marketing strategy or program that works for them, test to see if it works for you first.

And don’t forget: Dare to be different.





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