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Start Your Day on a High



Stop waiting for it to happen.

Starting your day off with a “BANG”, should not be reserved til the New Years.

For most, those new year resolutions never pan out anyways.

Commit now, to that “desired change” you want for yourself. Stop everything you’re doing, and make that promise to yourself. The real game-changing period occurs when you start cultivating the habits that support your wanted changes.

For me, my ‘bang’ goes off as soon as I’m out of bed.


I’m a firm believer that if you start off on a high, the rest of your day usually follows suit. This has been experimented to work for many – and coming from my own experience.

This is one productivity tip for entrepreneurs that hate working during when they see daylight.

How you begin your day, sets the rhythm and tempo for the rest of your day.

 Chasing Momentum

As soon as I get out of bed, I chase that juice. The juice being momentum.

Our minds and body are lazy by default – so we need to force it out that state. Therefore, start your day off by doing something with a low threshold, which helps turbocharge your ‘hustle’ drive.

Anything that gets you moving.

What do I do? I get up and swing my arms, back and forth. In Chinese, we call it “Shuai Shou” (Shake Arms) – an ancient arm rotating exercise to get your blood circulating throughout your body. This simple exercise has also been proven to contribute to longevity.

Do anything that will gradually oil up your inner work beast in the morning. Aim for beast mode throughout the day.

Another quick-and-easy task is making my own bed. I also get out and take a walk around my block. See the people, see the world.

These activities sound ridiculously easy, but that’s the point.

Your goal is to gain that quick sense of accomplishment (That quick-win), so you set yourself up to get more done later yourself. All the small task will compound to positive returns in the productivity department.

If you try to tackle a high threshold task first thing up, you’ll most likely put it off and procrastinate.  This then, can only lead to more problems, so avoid this common rabbit-hole scenario.

Warm up your engines first, and no rush – you’re not in a race with anyone.

The small successes will eventually add up by infusing you a strong sense of progress, which in turn, encourages you to work a lot harder.

A small series of “successes” will be the greatest driver to keeping you productive. This is an often overlooked trigger to moving forward.

Ban your Bad ‘Morning’ Habits

Let me tell you a quick story.

Back when I fell into depression from burning out during my early startup days, I didn’t get much done (during the morning hours).

My ‘real work’ began during the evening.


Because all I did was lie in bed after I woke up. This was a terrible morning habit which echoed disaster throughout the day.

Fortunately, I knew this could not continue, so I self-imposed a ban to ‘stop lying’ in bed as soon as I woke up. I substituted ‘bed lying’ with long morning walks.

This very simple change saved my life.

 It’s the simple things that oft makes all the difference, yet go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Today, that bad habit remains banned.

I eject myself from my bed as soon as I see light piercing through my curtains. No snooze buttons, no delays. Now, if you no reason to get out of bed, you need to reconsider whatever job/business you’re involved in.

Side Tip: If you’re not a morning person yourself, put on music that fires you up.  Listen to trap, hip-hop, orchestra.All is gray as long as it snaps you out the sluggish state.

DO Whatever It Takes

There are many ways to get more done in a day, and starting your day off on a high can surely put you on track.

Bottom line is, make your mornings work in your favor. Take full advantage of it – you have the rights to.

Design your own personalized preset routine to ‘wake up to’ – anything that will set the right tone for the rest of your day.

Make those first few minutes awake count!

Share your thoughts! Let’s Talk!

I’d love to hear what your morning routines are and what you think about this post.

Feel free to chime in, share your thoughts and feedback below.


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