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6 Golden Productivity Life Hacks for Entrepreneurs


Easy Productivity on Steriods Tips

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you 6 life-changing productivity hacks which have contributed dramatically to my overall accomplishments on a per-day basis.
These recommendations aren’t randomly suggested; they’re the very same practices I adopt every day to compound my wins.
I’m sure they’ll serve you well too.

1. Breakfast Boost

Your day should start with a power breakfast.

You should love and treasure this part of the day.

A good breakfast goes a long way and keeps you on top of your game.

Never skimp on a good breakfast. Next to coffee, you’ll see me digesting high-energy sources like oatmeals and nuts. Take care of your body and energy levels.
It’s your choice: You can bulldoze through your day high on energy, or do so lifelessly.
To fight aggressively, or fight lifelessly? That’ll come down to your diet.
Your body’s basic energy requirements and nutritional balance should never be ignored.
Nurture your body – it’s one of your most important assets.

2. Learn to Unlearn & Outlearn

As we grow older, there’ll be many new concepts you’ll need to unlearn, and new things to learn.
For e.g, the way we recruit people nowadays is different (we can do so through LinkedIn or freelancers-for-hire sites online). Gone are the days of local job posts or talent agencies.
With time, changes take place and new models are established. Therefore, get used to adapting new mental models and behaviors.

Outlearn to Earn

When it comes to gaining an edge over your competitor – one sure way to beat them, is to be more knowledgeable than them. You’re in luck, since people stop learning upon graduation – or simply spend less time doing so.

Put all your efforts on getting your job done faster and better. Approx. 80% of our returns come from 20%  of our efforts – analyze that 20% every day.

As I’m keeping myself caffeinated during the morning, I’m learning; conducting market research, listening to podcasts, learning more about my niche market’s latest events.

You’ll see me with earphones plugged in, listening to a podcast hosted by someone I aspire to be.

There will always be someone better than you – find ways to learn from them.

3. Set a Timer For Everything

If you don’t set a time for the things you have to do everyday, you’re guaranteed time-loss.

Always be conscious of how you’re spending your time. How much time do you waste a day? how much can be rescued?

Get an Egg Timer

I use an egg-timer to impose a time limit for everything. I approach this healthy time pressure as a game, a challenge. I then take notes of how long each specific task realistically take.

This way, if something’s taking too long to complete – I either turn to a professional to take care for it, or I learn to do it better (so I save more time later).

Another reason why you should set an egg-timer, is because we tend to lose a sense of time when we’re immersed with our work. Don’t let time slip through your fingers.

Set a time allowance for everything. Your meetings, your ‘breaks’, and even your intensive work hours.

This blog post for example, wasn’t going to finish in 25 minutes. The draft may be, but I’ve set myself a 25-minute timer to lay down whatever thought I could drive out at that moment.

I’ll then allocate another 25-minutes or so upon returning later to further edit my drafts – or even finalize after.

Non of my posts are ready in one sitting – a fact I’ve come to accept. If you want to do something well, be prepared to devote a good chunk of time for it. This also applies for video editing, email writing, social outreaching.

4. Make & Take Breaks

When you run, you eventually stop to catch your breath, correct?

Your brain needs the pit stops too. Stop abusing it.

Let your brain breathe – you should know when you need to.

Get rest when you’re stuck, when you can’t solve a problem, when you’re mentally/emotionally exhausted.

That’s why I love taking afternoon  or late evening nap. A full 30-minute nap can snap you right back on high performance gear.

Treat your body right and it’ll be your greatest ally.

5. Avoid Contextual Switching

Contextual switching is when you try to do too many things (of different contexts) at once. For e.g, if you’re designing, don’t do any housekeeping work. Go-all-in on getting creative, not half-assed.

Contextual switching dilutes your ability to focus optimally on one thing – hence compromising your productivity. It also creates mental fatigue.

It’s similar to multitasking, which you should know be now, only brings poor results.

If you’re in the kitchen cooking, just cook. Focus on preparing your meal, not how your business meeting went.

6. Start With What You Least Want To Do

This is how to reach new levels and break new grounds.

Start your day, by tackling the biggest problems. Go through the fire. Make the mistakes throughout – and learn.

When you push your internal limits and expand your thresholds, you’ll create new reality paradigms, new favorable opportunities.

Doing something new is always a chance to stretch yourself. Enjoy the process.

Bonus Tip: Do one thing you least want to everyday. See what you’ll become in a month’s time.



I hope the above productivity hacks will prove helpful for you. If you have any thoughts or comments, I’d love to hear from you.



Til the next time.


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