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Can’t Make Progress? Never Be Stuck Again


Solving The Worker’s Block

Wait, What’s the Worker’s Block?

Similar to a writer’s block where the author can’t squeeze anymore words out of themselves, the worker’s block is the inability to (you guessed it) get work done.

This usually happens when you’re missing any (or most) of the following: Motivation, inspiration, time, energy.

Distraction also happens to be a serious offender.

Below, we have 3 ways on how to never be stuck again, while always having progress as a friend.


When you get nothing done, this prevails as a deadly habit loop. You need to stop it.

The momentum to grind is precious. You want to always ‘be in the flow’.

As entrepreneurs, it’s in our DNA to hustle; to build a better system, get more done – but most aren’t aware of the recurring ‘Worker Blocks’ that lingers throughout their schedule.

Here’s how I ‘unblock’ or crush through it all.

1. Do something else, that matters.

Focus on something else you’re good at – or suppose to do.

Anything that will also ‘give you a sense of progress’ or accomplishment

When I can’t write, I design. When I can’t design, I’m out shooting a video. When I’m not shooting a vid, I may be managing my team. You get the idea.

However, make sure you keep a check-list of things that are pending completion. Don’t forget to go back to where you left-off.

Don’t wait for serendipity to intervene or when your mood improves. You’re the pilot to you day.

Doing something totally unrelated can also help. Are you seeing the pattern here? As long as you’re ‘doing something’, you’re fighting the block.

If you feel ‘stuck’, you work morale takes a dip.

There’s always something else you can do – the key is to preserve your work momentum.

Speed through the worker’s block. Interpret it as a green light and don’t let it hold you back.

2. Let your subconscious mind put in work.

I’ve conducted a lot of studies on our subconscious mind. It’s one sneaky and powerful device that’s always working ‘behind the scenes’ to help you solve problems.

You must however, consciously trust and train it beforehand.

The rescue may not be apparent or available on-demand, but it is supporting you all along.


If you’re ever on an idea-drought, browse the web. Look for things related to what you’re doing.

Can’t come up with a packaging design? look at other artist’s work. Don’t take the web for granted because you can access things so freely.

Exposing yourself to new data and references will always help oxygenate the lungs to your creative mind..

You’ve probably heard of this method somewhere before – but are you actually doing it?

Doing and knowing are 300 years apart.

3. Sleep.

This is my favorite.

When all fails and your mind fog is not clearing up, sleep may just be your best friend.

This is one highly underrated productivity hack. Most people ignore sleep since they equate more work hours as more work done – a flawed logic.

In fact, sleep deprivation contributes to brain impairment.

So, if you’re still cutting corners when it comes to getting your eye-shut, think about the repercussions to your cognition, productivity, and performance.

To make the most of your day, you need to nurture all your brain faculties. I’m sure you have countless┬ádecisions to make and problems to solve – and all that requires healthy brainpower.

Next time you’re stuck or are too deflated to work, stop by the pit stop (your bed) for a quick 20-35minutes nap. You’ll be surprised at the renewed motivational level after.

Being stuck is only temporary.


Don’t lose valuable time being frustrated or ‘stuck’.

After all, building a successful business is mostly a mental game, so use the above power-tips to your advance and do whatever you can to optimize your daily work performance.



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