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Reaching Mastery – From Nothing to Something Great


Zero to ‘They Want Me’

You have to start somewhere. We all do.

From the bottom.

From the same depths of being pathetic, and not being able to show your work to public – due to it’s blatant absence in quality.

Yes, that’s how I started to – on everything which I find myself beyond decent at today.

From web designing, video editing, filming, to music production.

It all began with zero.

There are no shortcuts if you want to reach pure mastery. Bite the bullet, buy as much patience as you can.

Here are some helpful tips to help you through.

1. Make the process fun, near-thrilling.

When I’m cutting videos, I always make sure music’s on.

I listen to wide range of music – whatever kicks me awake. My preferences are currently trap & rap. Your music choice matters. Make it work for you.

Who I’m listening to at the moment: Hucci, Stooki Sounds. Come up with a playlist that keeps you moving.

2. Don’t think about ‘Finishing it’

The only thing you should be concerned about is making your final product or work ‘up to your expectations. If you’ve got a deadline, always add more time that you expect you’ll need. Create buffer for revisions.

3. Know when to STOP

You’re human – you will get tired, you will lose focus. It’s normal. Even the best sports cars need their quick check-up and repairs at pit stops.

I always take small breaks in between. By tending to something that’s also important but less mind taxing helps me feel good – as I’m still being productive.

When cutting videos, I may take a break and organize my room or workspace. Anything that gives you a sense of progress is good. Need a shower? Go for it – whatever needs to be done will keep your momentum steady.

4. Apply It

There’s no way around this either. You’ll only embed more of what you learned by applying. When I first learning 3D animation (which I thought I’d never really need or enjoy), I forced myself through the painfully high learning curve.

All good things take time – don’t try cheat it.

Learning only become bottled up knowledge. Knowledge that’s not organized or implemented is pretty much worthless.

That’s all for now. If you’ve found this post on how to reach mastery helpful, help spread the word. I’d really appreciate your help as I’m trying to kickstart this blog!


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