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The Power of Untimed Walks for Entrepreneurs



There’s no question: Being the founder and CEO of a company can be downright stressful.

The weight of the world is on your shoulders. You’ve got an infinite amount of things to do. You refuse to stop or slow down – since you’re afraid your competitors may catch up.

Well, I’ve got a solution I’d like to share with you.


Stop working yourself to death.

It’s ok to hit pause for a few minutes or even hours – there’s more to life than work.

Get up, get out, and walk.

Detach yourself entirely from anything business-related.

I used to be an advocate of investing all of my 24-hours on my business, until I realized how much that approach backfired.

When you get tired (which you will) from overworking, your performance level sinks.

Stepping back for a bit helps you step forward in the right directions.

Untimed Walks

I call it ‘untimed walks’, since I don’t have a fixed time for it. If you feel like walking 20-minutes, do so. If you need 50, take 50. It’s truly therapeutical.

To me, it’s meditation on-the-go.

I’d frequently get up spur of the moment, burst out my door and go for a quick power walk. Even if it’s freezing outside, I’d still do it for the love of walking.

When I’m stuck, stressed out, walking is my savoir. You may find this counterproductive to ‘getting things done’, but affix this to your routine-list and see what happens.

Here are 3 other advantages to walking

1. Spark New Ideas

The best ideas or solutions emerges when you’re not actively thinking about them. Let your mind go on autopilot. It’s the same as getting that ‘A-HA’ moment when you’re in the shower.

Relax your mind and you’ll be surprised at what it brings back to you. Quit beating it to a corner.

Sometimes you have ‘look out’ of your own life to find the answers you’re seeking.

With clarity, you’ll get a better idea of what your “next best move” should be for your life/business.

2. Re-Sync with Reality

Walking allows you to see and re-connect with the world.

When you’re taking your walk, don’t think about work. Get outside of your head. Have an explorer’s spirit.

I recommend that you activate all your six senses and sync with your surrounding.

Process everything before you. Every event, object, person. Let your subconscious mind consume all visual and emotional cues.

If you live in a vibrant city like me (Shanghai), look at the billboards, street ads, building architectural patterns. Eavesdrop on people’s conversation. Take mental snapshots of the new faces you encounter. Smile at someone even.

Pay attention to things you’d never really care about.

Feel the pulse of the streets – you may just learn something.

3. Re-organize Your Thoughts

One of the reasons that lead to stress is the mess we tend to create for ourselves. Being an entrepreneur is messy.

Use this time to re-organize your thoughts and review what’s happening with your business. Apply the same for your life.

Stop. Give yourself those precious seconds to reflect.

If you ever feel like you get too far ahead of yourself sometimes, brings back the equilibrium. We all have to “catch up with ourselves” at some point.

So take a break. Pause. Give thanks. Celebrate.

“Walking is man’s best medicine – Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine (460-377 BCE)


Bonus Advantage

Walk, to Stay Fit

Hey, it’s the easiest and most effective form of exercise. Plus, it’s vital that you move and grease your joints after long hours of sitting down. Of your screen. When you’re up and walking, you pump more blood to your body.

This in turn, replenishes your body and brain cells, and when that happens, you start producing much better work.









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