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Explore the Power of Twice


Twice It Up!

This is a growth hack you already know; but may have neglected for a while.
The power of twice is is your best ally to stepping up your game in any field.
Video tutorials? – watch it twice.
Podcasts? play it back twice; even when the session spans over an hour-long.
Practicing a new skill? Definitely more than twice.
Want to earn more? Double up your time and effort.
You catch the drift.
We were encouraged to practice rote learning while growing up – but you probably neglected it as you’ve become far busier with juggling life’s responsibilities. On top of that, our attention spans are also far-too-easily robbed by social apps and games.

Force the Familiarity

Force yourself to become more familiar with whatever you’re dealing with – and let that new sense of comfort and ease fall into place.
Yes, this post may seem like common sense, but I think repetition is so underrated nowadays – so the post is definitely worth a reminder.
There’s never an excuse when it comes to learning for your own good.
Afterall, the best ROI is in yourself.
Go for twice – or more.
Help yourself burn those new references to mind, and most likely – you’ll connect the dots much faster.


Next time you’re trying to learn anything new, play it back twice – if given the option.

  1. Enforce what you learned (because you should). Retain the new materials for much longer.
  2. Improve the odds of you applying what you just learned.
  3. Patch the cracks. You may have missed out on something after the first quick-skim – it’s likely you didn’t give your 100% attention the first time you’re trying to learn something new.



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