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Optimizing Your Day


What’s an Optimized Day?

An optimized day, is where you purposely focus on ‘making the best’ out of every hour within your 24-hour day. When done right, you unlock a whole new level of productivity and progress.

It took me 2-3 years in before I realized the importance of optimizing day. When I didn’t, I lost a lot of hours – and I can’t even pinpoint where they went.

During the first few years of starting up my business,  I had no sense of this, nor any fixed daily routine.

Every day would arbitrarily unfold, and I made matters worse by stretching myself thing as I played over 10 different roles daily (designing, networking, managing, customer support, producty-delivery… and the list goes on).

Having no structure was the archnemesis to advancing forward constructively.


There’s a best time to do certain things, for everything.

For e.g, my MORNINGS are designed to give my body and mind the energy it needs.

When I wake up, I make sure I have a bottle of water by my bedside waiting to be emptied. It’s the best time to knock out that first water bottle.

Your brain needs to be hydrated to function at it’s best. Give it that water it needs!

During the first 15-minutes after waking up, I exercise. I shuaishou, stretch, and generally do anything that will raise my heartbeat and get blood flowing through my body. Make yourself feel alive and kicking.

While exercising, I also playback my favorite podcast series on speakerphone. I recommend any talks from key-players in your industry. Learning something new during those few-hours can give you a great motivational kick.

As you can see, the first 15-minutes of my day’s programmed to help me get up, and snap me out my sluggish post-sleep state.

What’s next? Breakfast. Coffee, eggs, and whatever brain-charging food you can get your hands on.

Know Your Times

When my energy level is lower (usually into the late afternoons), that’s when I’m managing my team or doing admin-related works.

My afternoon hours have been tested as the best hours for business operational duties.

Fast forward to the late-evening, this is when I revert back to learning mode, but on less mind-intensive stuff. For e.g, I’d study tutorials on 3D visual effect compositing, then I’d call it a day.


I’m sure you know someone who considers themselves most creative at night – maybe that person’s even you. If this is when your right-brain dances best, dance with it.

However, try challenging this notion. Instead, try to get creative work done during the morning.

Do this for 21-days straight and verify later whether your evening’s most suited for your creative heavylifting.

For me, I used to think I’d write my best works at night, only to prove myself wrong when I produced better results after having coffee in the morning.

I urge you to experiment. Design different types of days that will give you the maximum returns for your your effort.


Where you work is going to affect your live performance. So, design your workspace wisely.

Less is best. Clear any idle objects that do not contribute to your workflow. Read my post here on how to get more done by decluttering. This one’s a gamechanger.

Reduce any risk of distraction. Everything you haven’t used in over a month should go to the bin, donated, or be out of sight.

Stay organized. This applies to the files on your computer and table you’re working.

They goal is to optimize everything that surrounds you during the day, and where you work plays a huge role.


Everyone’s daily routine will not be identical. Your obligations and schedule will eventually change as your role or business grows. They key is to keep tweaking your system in your favor.

You’ll know what needs to be done, as long as you keep experimenting and doing.


Whatever you’re doing now should always help set a better foundation for tomorrow. The returns could be productivity-related or revenue-focused; as long as it’s making a positive impact for your life, it’s worth doing.

At any given time of your day, do whatever helps support progress.

Stay focused on one-task at a time.

As I write this, I’m not making a call nor watching TV. I’m laser-focused on the words and message before me.

You can only manage 2-things effectively at once. One is always better. Get used to doing only one thing – very well – at the present moment.




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