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Productivity Hack: One Thing at A Time

Focus on one goal

Focus on One Thing, at a Time

I learned it the hard way – I hope you don’t have to.

I always thought multitasking would help me get more done, in less time – since I was actually doing more – only to realize in hindsight how I never did any of those ‘multitasked tasks’ effectively.

If you still think that keeping yourself hyper-busy throughout the day, stop for a moment and see if you are deluding yourself. We all have the mental capacity to multitask, but we forget that we shouldn’t – and why so.

Hopefully, this productivity hack post will help you snap out this false mentality, and pivot you from barely getting shit done, to always getting shit done, real well.

Multitasking equals Multi-crapping

It’s not our fault.

Most of us are afflicted by this scenario. The majority of entrepreneurs always tend to book themselves to the brim, and bite more than they can chew. We love the challenge.

As we get older, our list of daily responsibilities grows with us. This is a common reason to why we fall victim to multitasking.

The tendency to try ‘get more done’ in 24-hours magnifies as we reach the rude awakening that our time on earth is really short.

This explains why most people travel the world after they graduate from high school or college; it’s the best window period in life to be ‘free’ from life’s obligations; aka: getting and keeping a job.

The older you get, the stronger your urge becomes to accomplish more while your body allows.

But, you are not a machine.

If you really want to do anything well, you can only manage 1 things at once. That’s one instance,  not like a software that’s programmed to do hundreds or thousands.


One, Uno, Yi

Your attention span can only focus realistically on 1-2 things most at once. Don’t challenge this. By focusing on more than 1 thing, your brain’s bandwidth suffers. It stresses out.

It’ll hate and rebel against you – by not working in your favor.

I’ve always had a bad habit of attempting to juggle 2 things at once. It could be researching while designing at the same time. When browsing the web,  I’d have 5-6 tabs open, but I ‘d only shuffle back and forth between 2.

More Than One Equals None

The takeaway: If you are all over the place, you’ll barely get anything done.

When that happens, you hurt your morale, and  your mental energy depletes. With no energy, things struggle to move forward.

As I’m writing this, I have to constantly remind myself that I must ‘focus’ only on writing this post. I’m sitting at the coffee shop – but I’m not people watching or curiously eavesdropping  (there goes my secret hobby).


Get Intensive. Go ‘All in’

When you’re learning a new skill, focus on learning ‘that skill’ intensively. Don’t touch your phone, daydream, or make a run to the fridge.When I’m editing a video, that’s all I’m doing. No facebook, no attention given to incoming phone notifications, nor am I thinking about the next hour.

When I’m editing a video, that’s all I’m doing. No facebook, no attention given to incoming phone notifications, nor am I thinking about the next hour.

It’s just me and that single task at hand.

One ‘Best’ Foot Forward at a Time

I’ve noticed that once I kept putting my ‘best’ foot forward, one at a time, the quality of my end-result always makes me smile.

Focus on one thing, and do it exceedingly well. Then, move on to the next.

Don’t spread yourself thin – it’s counterproductive and only adds more to your mental stress level.


Most entrepreneurs are time-strapped, so what can we do? and the only solution is to the hire.

There’s so much to do, so little time. the only solution is to the hire.

The only solution is to the hire.

Invest your money on other talent to grow your investments.

My ego used to think that I can manage multiple roles and tasks at once, but that actually sucked the life out of me.

We often overwhelm ourselves with so much work unknowingly, to a point where our brain fries. This mental meltdown soon evolves into a burnout. You don’t want this. If you’re always trying to do everything yourself, you’ll soon become a slave to your business.



Give yourself quota on how many things you should be paying attention to. That magic number is one.


Multitask Equals Low ROI

Remember: We’re humans, not computers that can run on multiple threads. The only sure thing you’re accomplishing when trying to do more than one thing at once is to compromise your performance ROI.

Some obliterate it.

You’ll always do better when you focus on one thing at a time, guaranteed. Let this new work mentality snowball, and you’ll realize how your productivity compounds. Most likely, you’ll thank yourself later for this change. and finish things at a surprisingly faster rate.

So, let’s go with our best foot forward, then the other.

After all, you can’t walk with both feet at once.


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