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Why Journalling Equals Greater Success


Journey to Journaling

Since Summer 2016, I started journaling.

Both, by pen and digitally.

Why? because life is often happening so quickly that I’ve had so little time to stop and reflect upon myself. 

On top of that, it comes with 5 superb benefits, all which are conducive to securing your long term goals.

Let’s get to it.


The simple process of journaling allows you to see more clearly what you’ve been doing right AND wrong, in all areas of life.

Write and review your behavioral and thought patterns. Track your strengths and weaknesses. These behavioral footprints you leave on paper will be your best research asset and compass to move forth.

You write, because you can’t rely on your memory alone, it’ll most likely sink into oblivion.

We’re getting older every day, and aging is our memory’s greatest handicap. The best way to recall the events in your life is to write things down for assessment later. Going back to actually review your  journal is what makes all the difference. See how far you’ve come.

By jotting down notes, you’re tracking your progress more effectively. Lay down all all the bare and raw details. You’ll notice things that you’ve never seen during the quiet moments of analyzing your thoughts.

It’s a gateway to getting to know yourself. It’s a self-exploratory moment that should be cherished, so you’ll know how to redefine yourself later.

I’ve had many breakthroughs, confirmations, discoveries. All thanks to journaling.


When you journal what you’re working on, you nurture your inner drive and commitment, especially when it becomes a positive learning experience about yourself. Your brain continues to release endorphin and dopamine, which then  boosts your esteem and mood.



When you’re taking any form of action forward, you’re setting a trail.

With a journal, you can then make visual comparisons with all the trails you left behind. Again, don’t trust your own memory. You only have so much mental bandwidth at any given time.

Overtime, you will have charted a timeline of growth. If your journal doesn’t look much different than it did a month ago, well – you haven’t changed much then. A journal won’t lie to your face; unless you fed it false information.


Journal whatever you’re trying to learn. In retrospect, you’ll get to learn more about yourself and the subject at hand.

Writing things down leads to even deeper understanding and, I hope, wisdom. I want to write down what I learn, so I don’t have to re-learn it later.

Eventually, you’ll get Clarity -> which then leads to more Confidence to learn more. That’s a good return.

When we translate an experience into language, we essentially make the experience graspable. Research has also shown that the emotional release from journaling lowers anxiety, stress, and induces better sleep.


Journaling can also help you ‘vent’. Unload your frustrations and problems. Air it out, by writing it down.

Instead of letting all that negative energy wander and stock up in your mind, let it bleed into the pages.



Quick Tip: Journal using Evernote. Create a Notebook for it alone.

Most people will be reluctant to start. This is a long and slow game. Be patient with the process, as this is all for your own good. Start by writing every other day. Then, advance into writing every day before you switch off the lights and sleep.

When you’re writing, be honest with yourself. Don’t mind the spelling mistakes. Don’t try to sound perfect – just speak your thoughts. You’re not trying to impress anyone. This is your time, to learn more about yourself by shining a mirror into your face and soul

Make this a habit. Keep things organized. The content and design on the pages are a direct reflection of you.

Your journal, is your legacy. 20-years from now. you won’t have to tell your story in person. Let your journal do the talking.




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