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How to Grow Your Business 10 Times Faster



I realized that if I wanted to grow my business ten times faster than it did last year, I needed ten times the manpower, with ten times the skill and output.

This is a simple business growth law you do not want to contest.

You can’t build an empire alone. It’s near impossible – unless you’re the only business operating within your industry.

If your competitor’s got their own team, and they’re adding new talents to their roster every day, they will only out muscle you.

Imagine going to war where you’re all alone, and your enemy has 10.  You are all fighting strictly with a sword each in hand, what’s your odd of surviving?


My first priority of the day is to sift through 20+ new applicants. This is all done while having coffee.This is all done while having coffee.

How do I keep on receiving high volumes of targeted fresh applicants?

I post my job offers on multiple job recruitment sites, but ones which are contextually relevant to the skills I’m looking for.. In other words, you’ll find your talent where they most likely spend their time online.

Looking for a creative talent? search for an online creatives community like Dribbble. Need a photographer? Go to a photography forum.

You increase your chances of finding someone qualified when you do the following:  Increase your job post volume, all at the right places, everyday.


By the time you’ve screened over 1,000 resumes, you’ll know how to read between the lines on who’ll make the cut.

Having to go through resume after resume isn’t as tedious as you think. It only takes a few minutes to you’ll be able to distinguish those who are the real deal from those who just spew air.

If you’re hiring a designer and they can’t even design their CV, what does that say about them?

Your intuition won’t lie – when someone’s in it and they mean it, you judge by how frequently they communicate with you, and how well they can follow orders within the first week.

Tip: When you receive a new applicant, see whether they address you by name. If not, they’re probably mass-sending their CV or job submission.  Yes, there’s a software that can mass-send or upload your resume out there.


Instead of going with the old-school approach where we only hold our arms out to those who are ‘qualified’ upfront, I lowered the enrollment threshold. This simple change helped me grow my team even faster.

What do I look for? Hardworking individuals. Anyone who’s savvy with the computer, team-oriented personality, and carry a relentless drive deserves a chance. These are your winners.

I would later train them to become the best at what they’re assigned to do.

When you lower the barrier to entry, you’ll increase your odds of success in ‘getting that right person’.


Tip: Before you officially bring someone aboard, assign them 10%-20% of the required task. I call this the test-run period – to see whether they can follow instructions and if they’re ready to commit. Tell them to provide a sample of the work to show determination.

If their job is to write for you and you need a 500 blog post done for your business, tell your new applicant to write 100.

Automate the Training

No one’s going to be perfect on their first day, or week.

Even if you’ve found yourself a promising super staff, they’ll still need training.

It’s rare for someone to arrive and do everything right – unless everything you’re doing is already wrong.

Instead of training my new employees one-by-one, I create easy-to-follow guides.

Guides that demonstrate “what works” and gives perspective on “what doesn’t”.

Don’t be afraid to give your secrets away.Make sure you have a good idea on what it takes to complete the process. If you need to generate leads, let them know where they should promote, what their email pitch should be, and what type of prospects they should reach out tothem.

The more you understand the work process yourself, the more likely you’ll know what’s possible and what isn’t.

You want them to be as good as you are. You want the best for your team. If you help them, it’s far more likely they’ll get the job done.

If not, they were never meant to be with you anyways.

Yes, this process requires serious downtime to produce great guides, but you save yourself a lot more time and headaches later. Everything should be learnable even by a 6th grader.

Create training kits, reference sites, and clear-cut instructions on how to get the job done. Remember: Keep it simple – not everyone’s going to learn as quickly as you wish the could.

Lead first, so they too, can lead themselves.

Don’t wait for someone who qualifies to come to you, help them qualify. It’s your job to get everyone on the same page, and while doing so, be clear and concise.

Break it down to sea level, you’ll rise to the top faster with more body of water.


Don’t ignore your staff and expect them to get things done on command.

Drop-by to see how they’re doing. Promote open communication.

Extend your support at all times. Let your new recruits know you got their back, and that you’ll be there for them when they’re stuck or having a hard time.

Organize a time everyday where you address all their problems and concerns. This in turn, will help you make better guides for future recruits, while also improving your leadership game.

Give them momentum, the necessary push. Light their asses on fire.


Don’t offload the wrong types of work to the wrong personality.

Everyone has their strengths. Some are good with numbers, some are goo with words. Play onto their strengths, always. This increases the likelihood of them getting the job done well, while also keeping them on your team.

Getting your designer to also do your marketing work may create unneeded stress, so you split the workload between 2-3 other assistants.

Cramming too many tasks into one day can also lead to boredom/stress, so think again how you can make the workflow enjoyable. Put yourself in their shoes.

If I wanted to get social marketing done, I’ll hire a person to manage 2 social profiles from two different networks max., not 5. This way, they don’t burn out, and they’ll do their job better once they become more familiar with the platform.


Your staff has a life; treat them with respect at all times; let them know you appreciate their time.

Never be condescending or impatient. If they’re doing something incorrectly, don’t blame them outright and tell them to ‘go back to the drawing board’ and redo it. Show them how to fix their current problems first. Lead the way.

It’s not a top-down culture. Keep it horizontal. When everyone’s rooting for each other, we all win.

Also, get to know them on a personal level every now and then. It strengthens the bond between you two. Don’t be too busy building relationships with your customers/clients that you forget your very own team members.

Tip: Create a set of questions during the interview phase that will let you learn a bit about their personal and past business experiences.

Understanding their life’s experience will give you foresight on how to manage them better.


Say good-bye to the one man show approach.

Get started with recruiting and building your team, the right way. The more positive changes you make to your team-building process, the faster you’ll grow your business before you know it.



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