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Get More Done, By Decluttering


Simplifying Is Gold

One of my proudest decision this year (2016) was to finally tap into all the possible hacks, that will help simplify my life.

By decluttering, I got more done, in way less time. 

To be simple truly is a complicated skill.

This was an all-encompassing approach on both a macro and micro level. I’ve simplified what ‘happens inside my head’, the contents of my wardrobe, the list of things-to-do on my daily schedule, all the way to the things I eat.

More complications will only stress your brain’s bandwidth out.

When you’re running your own business, it’s even more imperative for you to minimize/remove the layers of complexity that may plague your business operations.

If you try to accomplish too many things at once – you risk burn out. If you try to do it all alone, you mental and physical health will collapse. So, if you’re still a one-man army, it’s time to re-think your execution plan.

Start focusing on freeing time for yourself: To secure time for rest, and allocate time to enjoy life. Don’t become a slave to your business.

Start by simplifying your responsibilities. Do so by delegating. Take your foot off the pedal, hands off the steering wheel, and entrust someone to help drive your business forward.



Cut down the time you spend inside your own head.

Time flies, especially inside that creative, busy, chaotic mind of yours.

Life’s much better when you can truly live in the present. Focus on what’s happening in front of you, right now.

We spend too much time in our heads. Think about it: How long can you actually stick to this process before you’re warped back into your chaos of thoughts?

Calm it down. Master your thoughts, or your thoughts will master you.

Mr. Organized

Staying organized is heavily underrated. When you stay organized, you optimize your workflow and you save time. That’s saving money there, so you can earn more.
It doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s a must if you want to save time and get more done, in less time.

 For one, I always make sure that I keep my workspace clean.

Since most of my work is done digitally, everything that appears on my computer screen has to be neatly presented.

There should be no more than 10 folders on your desktop. Merge folders together, create hierarchies.


Keep things clean and organized, so you can quickly find or access them later.

Every project you’re working on should have a folder. Inside that folder, should consist of subfolders which will also have folders inside them too. Get used to creating folders inside folders!

Two more helpful reminders: Limit the number of tabs you have on your browser, and learn all the hotkeys to help you navigate htrough your computer asap.

Keep it under 3, or move all the extras to another window.

Less really is more.






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