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Get 300% More Productive – Right Now


That 300% Productivity Boost You Want

Curious to find my secrets on how staying hyper-productive on the daily? Below are 5 key practices that keep me on track. Give them a try – you may just thank me later.

1. Living Life by 20-Minutes Intervals

Instead of approaching your schedule in a ‘one day a time’, try ‘one task at a time.
Focus on baby steps, and celebrate the small wins. When you think about the big picture and how much work you have to slug through, it becomes overwhelming. Your work morale takes a hit as soon as you feel the mental pressure.

Too much thought can be depressing, and invite more stress. Silent your mind and just push forth.

This was a game-changing method for me here. It forced me to milk the most out of my minutes available.

When you give yourself incremental 20-minute deadlines for the small tasks, your focus intensifies and you’re less likely to slack off. The only thing you should only be thinking about, or focusing on –is that one small task you’ve challenged yourself to.

By focusing on one task at hand, you’re less likely to grow distracted. Be obsessed with the “one-thing-at-a-time rule.”

No phone calls, reaching-out-to-your-phone, or paying a visit to the toilet – not until the task assigned within your 20-mins. time block is over.

When I began to compartamentalize everyday to 20-minute intervals (if it was possible), I got a shitload more done.

If certain tasks require longer stretches, then merge them together, and reserve them for work done after you can get those quick 20-minute tasks cleared from the list.

Tip: Get a Pomodoro Egg Timer like this to countdown those 20-minutes. The good news? It’s easy, it’s cheap, and the payoff is immense.

2. Set Mini Deadlines – They Are Magical

When adopt 20-minutes work cycle, you’ll automatically set yourself mini deadlines.

You’ll be surprised at how much work you can accomplish within 20 hyper-focused minutes.

With deadline, comes urgency.

With urgency, comes more action.

By setting your own mini-deadlines, you work harder and smarter. NO delays, procrastination, excuses.

Challenge yourself – it’s fun. Experiment to see how much work you can really, really get done in 20-minutes. .

Don’t worry about quality being compromised when you work under a time constraint, you’re just using your minutes more efficiently.

3. Make Your Moves Count

Whatever moves you make, make sure they matter. Be intentional with every step – execute so you are doing things that’ll inch you closer to that milestone win.

Most people lose a lot of their time throughout the day unknowingly, because they aren’t living intentionally.

Cancel any social events or activities that don’t contribute to your business or personal growth.

Tip #1: Spotlight Effect

Treat minute as if you were performing in front of a crowd.

Do you want to be seen slacking off? Or hard working? If you had a camera filming you while you were at work, how would you behave?

While washing your dishes, you wouldn’t be texting at the same time right? We’ve only got two hands

Tip #2: Use the Gun To Your Head Question Yourself

At this moment, if you had a gun to your head, what are three things you’d do today to turn your business around?

Your answers should help point you to the most productive moves you should make next. Anything else should be de-prioritized. The same can apply to any areas in life.

My Answers

Grow my team. Scout for more talent. Get them on board. I’m a firm believer of ‘team makes the dream’. So yes, build your army, and bring along real soldiers to build the brand. Select carefully who you bring on board. Your team’s as strong as your weakest link.

Focus on sales. While I’m not filming or editing any videos, I focus on ways to optimize our sales campaign. Contact more decision makers in the marketing department from other brands.
And, when I’m not doing any of the above, I will focus on honing my craft.

4. Detach From The Work and World

When you detach you’re your work and world, this is when you pull the plug and shut down completely. No more mental wars and thought wrestling. Just let your brain off the hook. Back off from your work.

Stare mindlessly at a picture if you have. Take a walk by yourself. Let your body and mind breath. Don’t overwork it. Burning out only leads to burning out.

The best solution here – and no other better alternatives really – is sleep. Take power naps. I make an effort to clock in 30-minutes after lunch or dinner. You only win as you’ll feel 10 times more refreshed afterwards.

Magic happens when you give yourself proper rest. This may sound ironic to boosting your productivity, but trust me, let your brain breath just as you would let your eye blink.
Detach from the world; get out of your head, and then re-connect.

5. Phew! Let’s Review!

Most of us are too busy with fulfilling ‘what’s next’ on their to-do-list, that they forget to review their own performance.

Step back. Reflect. Review your progress and projects. What went wrong before? What can be improved?

Be grateful for how far you’ve come, not how far you still have to go.
It’s ok to slow down, unwind, review.

A bright future requires clarity and understanding of your past.
Spend time with yourself, you re-learn about who you’ve become.

Let’s Recap!

You’ll realize that they secret to boosting your productivity level, is really up to how you manage your time.

Hope you found this post helpful – and please feel ree to share it with someone you care about.

More killer insights and productivity hacks will soon be published at my new blog at http://myflightup.com



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