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Edit Your Way to Greatness


Re-Do, Re-Invent

I love Carhartt’s tagline: Work in progress.

It strikes a chord with me as I will always be, work in progress.

Every good writer writes and re-writes. Sketchers draw and re-draw. Drafts are tossed, new drafts are born. This is an inevitable fate for overachievers.

To make progress, you have to keep on editing yourself.

One of the main reasons to why I’ve accomplished the things I have is because I’ve embraced this ‘Re-Do’ and Re-Invent mindset. This approach coincides with ‘never settling for less’.

You shoudl always thirst to surpass your past personal standards. When building your own business, you always have the opportunity to make it better. Will you take it?

However, to make sure you’re able to sustain such ‘constant self-editing’ lifestyle without burning out, here are three things to be aware of:

No Finals

There is no finish line, and there will always be unfinished work. This is an infinite reality loop which exhausts even the best.

You will eventually return to – re-do or edit – just so you can make it better.

If you need to deliver your clients work, simply draw the line in the sand when you’ve met their criteria.

I have written countless blog posts,  re-edited photos or videos, reorganized the data on my hard drive. Those extra hours add up easily – but the changes I make always guarantees me one thing: growth.

The solution: Optimize whenever you really have the ‘free time’; if you can’t, don’t sweat it.

Worry about the top-priority items first: Your clients/customers, sales opportunities, project growth.

Don’t force yourself to a point of exhaustion when trying to improve every piece of work you’ve produced in the past.

Self-editing and learning should never have a deadline.


It’s not how fast you go, it’s about moving forward consistently.

And to make sure you don’t burn out, you must take breaks. Take care of your body, and it’ll take care of your goals.

Take care of your body, and it’ll take care of your goals.

This applies for everything business related. A lot of things which matter most, takes time.Building client relationships, growing your team, earning more organic traffic. Experiment and go. Enjoy the entire process.

Building client relationships, growing your team, earning organic traffic. Experiment and go. Enjoy the entire process.

Better to pace  -not race  – your way to success.



You’re only as good as you are today. A few days or weeks later, you can only become better – and that’s why you should never ‘set’ anything as is anyways.

Making a living, will get tougher with time.

Competition grows, tech-disruptions are real, markets become saturated, and a big corporation may just be around the corner to cannibalize.

Your business model which may have worked in 2016 may no longer perform as brilliantly in 2018.

The way we execute our marketing campaigns or offer our services will all require editing.

You may have to re-train or hire new staff, you may have to change your SEO gameplan when Google gives birth to another animal update.

The list of things to edit will vary for each of us, but there’s  no excuse not to improve upon your own business, systems, and self, unless you’re plain lazy and demotivated.

My point: It’s a non-stop quest to re-adapting, in order to survive and thrive.


Change is the only way you’ll grow and get better. You can stay the way you are – or change.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post on editing your way to greatness.

Share your thoughts and comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Keep editing, refining, re-doing. Persistence will be your best ally for profits.


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