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Get More Done: De-Clutter & Delete


Declutter, Delete, Do More

One of the most crucial skills to have for all entrepreneurs, is the ability to de-clutter and delete.

By doing so, you’ll cultivate a good habit of simplifying things (processes, systems, and even life!). You’ll then enjoy the benefits of automatically avoiding complications as they rear their head.

To declutter and delete is a skill in itself.

Most people complicate things. As a consequence, time is lost and never returned. More complications only stress your brain’s bandwidth out.

We can only do so many things at once. Trying to think about too many things at once will bring you to a mental breakdown. System crash. Either that, or you’re compromising your speed of progress.

Why Simplify

You simplify – so you can remove all the unnecessary baggage that’s weighing or slowing you down.

With time and more work onboarded, your desktop inevitable compounds in data size. More folders, images, videos, more mess. Most of us are too busy to organize every step-of-the-way. This is a productivity killer.

Here are some quick ideas which you can do in the next 30-minutes. We’ll start with what’s infront of you now.


Declutter Your Digital Workstation

Don’t try to accomplish too many things at once – we weren’t meant to do it alone.
Do you see a one man major army? No. Know when you need to rest, take your feet of the pedal, and when to attack aggressively.


Take a look at your desktop on the surface level.

How many files and folders can you see? 10? 30? If the number’s above 10, you’re a mess.

I have 5.


Create subfolders. Everything can be categorized and merged together.

Put together files which belong in the same project, purpose, or relevancy.

I have a “To Clear” Folder, which I leave on my desktop. These are works ‘pending’ for completion. This beats having 20+ files scattered all over your desktop – which only strains your eye when you try to access them.

More distraction and noise will only hinder you’re ability to move forward swiftly.

Imagine a street with 100 cars. Those cars are your folders and files. Now image one with 5. I’m pretty sure you’ll see the path forward with less difficulty.


Open a different ‘Window’ for unrelated works of context.

Decluttering your workspace leads to more heightened productivity. Why? Because you don’t lose time ‘trying’ to sift through the inevitable mess.


Delete anything you don’t need. Every software you don’t need or haven’t opened for the last 6-12 months; consider removing them.

Buy an external hard drive to archive all the files that are outdated. Projects that’ve been complete (and don’t need revisiting), store theminside your external HD too.  This will give you comfort in knowing that you’ll still have those files when you ‘may’ just need them some day.

Less Is Power

More data equals more processing power imposed upon your brain. This causes a slow-down, overtime. Try opening 10 softwares on your computer – your computer will lag. Your brain works the same way.

So, say yes to ‘less’.

You’ll find yourself achieving a lot more alter.


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