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Daily Routines of a Serial Entrepreneur


My Daily Routines Revealed

Daily Routine Version: Jan 12 2018

I’m a huge fan of adopting the right set of healthy routines throughout the day.My day can be broken down to different gorups of routines – in which you’ll see below.

By writing down your routines, you can then review it later to see what changes you can make, to optimize your life. Don’t do this in your head.

1. Morning Boost

I wake up around 8.30am everyday.

This is my sweet spot.

That’s because I sleep at around 12, and I always make sure I get a minimum of 8 hours sleep to not compromise on my mood and energy levels the day after.

Most hungry & driven entrepreneurs probably wake up earlier; I’ve been struggling at th ewhoel 5 am wake up hour.

During the first few minutes awake, I sit on my bed for 1-2 minutes. I then hop out and stretch, walk around the living room, pour me a cup of water (to wash out the body toxins), and wait until I’m even more awake.

Side note: I’m usually in the grumpiest mood during this period – so no conversations with or phone call with me here.

2. Super Breakfast

Crucial. After getting dressed (in less than a minute), I march out for breakfast and coffee. It’s how I kickstart myself for the day – breakfast + coffee is fuel my system.  The morning walk outdoors also energizes me more.

What do I usually order? A medium hot brewed coffee of the day. Pure beans, no frills.

3. Tackle Priority Work

Once the caffeine kicks in 45-minutes, this is when I’m usually pumped for work.

What’s Priority Work? Things that push the business forward. I start working on these at the start of the day.

This could involve producing content, team management, planning ‘what’s next’.

4. Team Connect & Review

I always make sure I’m staying in touch with the team.

Most people think I’m a one-man-show. No. I’ve got a well-trained team which I’m very grateful for. Team does make the dream. A good 15-20 minutes (or more) is spent to make sure everything’s moving accordingly.

This is I review everyone’s work output, assess their performance, re-train where need be, and just check-in so they don’t forget me.

5. Hello Email

Time to address the stacks of e-mail and take care of clients. No, I don’t have a VA who replies for me.

6. Project Development

This involves juicing up my projects with new content, promo materials, or any form of activity that will help keep the needle moving. These babies aren’t going to nuruture themselves.

7. Lunch

After lunch, I take a 30-minute break (gotta take breaks!) and walk aimlessly on my block as the food is being digested. To me, walking is like therapy.

It’s always a pleasure just “seeing life outside of yours” on the streets.

Then, I head back for a nap. It’s been proven that afternoon naps (20-minutes) can boost your focus 10X later.

8. Marketing Push

Time to do what I love doing most – marketing.

In brief, marketing activities include: Social marketing, social outreach, PR.

9. Learn

Whenever I can make time for learning, I do so. This is how you self-invest, and will never fail to yield a positive ROI.

I consider this upgrading my inner operating system.

New insights, new ideas, new solutions? Makes me cry in joy. 

As a designer and digital marketer by nature, I keep a hawk’s eye on the latest fashion and I.T Trends. This could eat up a huge chunk of the day if I’m not careful – so I’m reminded that I only have 15 minutes.

10. Go For a Walk, Again.

Hahaha yes, more walking! I do this to let my brain breathe, as well as let my eyes go on a break. Staring at your screen for hours on end will only exhaust you mentally. Pace, escape, and re-engage in a refreshed stated.

11. Dinner

Get myself fed.

One of my favorite time of the day. Dinner alone is never fancy for me.  The right amount of greens and protein intake suffices.

12. Back to Learning

Youtube is the best university.

Prior to sleeping, I usually learn something new on the endless gigabytes of tutorial on Youtube.  No work 1 hour before sleep. I leave that for the next day.


Also my favorite time of the day. Must, must recharge the body.


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