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3 Survival Tips to Curing ADD for Entrepreneurs


Do you have it?

You’re committed to one thing, then a few minutes later, you’re doing something different. Your mind is trapped in this loop – where you’re juggling multiple tasks in attempt to feel productive – only realizing later that you haven’t gotten shit done.

One second you’re organizing data on your excel sheet; the next? you’re on your phone texting, shuffling through active apps, then you’re back to the excel sheet – or you’ve opened up a whole new can of worms task wise.

What could’ve been done in 2-minutes took 20, or was delayed til even the next day. Does this sound familiar to you?

Most entrepreneurs may not have ADD, but start to develop ADD tendencies. I’d say I’m amongst the afflicted haha. Fortunately, I do admit this to be a problem and have worked to solve it.

If you can relate, then this article is for you.

  1. Most people aren’t aware of what’s happening when ADD is playing an active role. It’s impossible to rescue yourself out of it. You may only feel comfortable if you have three tasks juggling simultaneously; this is what fuels ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and this is a misguided method to keeping ourselves busy.

I’ve been in the game over over 8 years, and often times, I find my attention span wandering from project-to-project, task to task. It’s pathetic, and I want to make sure it doesn’t afflict you.

Don’t stop when you’re half-way complete. Finish it. Interference is a sneaky bitch.

Everyone’s severity will vary since we’re all different.

The Best Cure

Be aware of that this is real, and admit that you are a victim.

You have to proactively monitor your behaviors. Develop an imaginary eye for this – one that is watching you so your mind doesn’t travel in multiple-pronged directions.

If you continue letting this attention-thinning habit loop continue, you’re actually going to get less done; which is not what you signed up for.

1. Give your energy and attention only to ‘one thing’ at a time. When I’m editing videos, I’m in that zone only. I do not answer calls, daydream, read the news, or see what everyone’s up to on my scoail accounts. I’m there, cutting, editing, and sculpting that video.

2. Do not let any other distractions get in the way – regardless of how small it is. A distraction is a distraction. If you’re writing a paragraph, finish that block of text before moving onto another task. Do not take a look at your phone, make yourself a coffee, or head to the bathroom; stay focused on the paragraph.

Repeat step 2 for any other activity you’re working on. Stretch this exercise out for the next few hours, then into days.

3. It’s ok to take it easy and slow – be patient with the process. This could be the pivotal belief you need to sustain the above exercise. Sometimes, being overeager to get many things done will compromise your patience.

Get back into the habit of just reading – 20 minutes straight without interruption. Then, go for 40. Congratulate yourself once you reach the set time-mark without being distracted. The objective here isn’t to finish the book, but get used to focusing on just one mission.

Reassure yourself that you’re actually “being productive” this way. You’re getting more done, and you’re doing it a whole lot better. Time is on your side if you use it wisely.

Hope that helps if you’re looking for answers on curing ADD. Another good pointer is to hangout with others who are not ADD prone. Study how they behave – you may have even forgotten how ‘still’ and relaxed most people are when they work. You don’t have to be all over the place; or do multiple things at once to get shit done.

This worked for me – try it out for yourself. I hope you won’t need medication.


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