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Better Yourself, Better Your Business


I’ve realized that in order to really love what you’re doing with your business, you need to focus on loving yourself first.

Most people are not happy with where they are. Well, you can only break free from that state if you take action.

Admitting Your Flaws

Start with finding all your problems. Be brutally honest with yourself and voice it aloud. It’s ok to have problems – we all do.

Find all your flaws. Admit you have them. This is the first step to any form of recovery and improvement.


Write everything down. Now. On a sheet of paper.


Provide a column for Flaws, and one for Solution.

Get your ego out the fvking way and do this!


This part is self-explanatory. Go all out when it comes to improving yourself, everyday.

Do you have money management problems? Research what the pros do. Learn from the best – as you have the privilege to.

There are plenty of resources out there, most people are just too lazy to take the initiative to change themselves for the better.

No one likes change, no one likes to work.

Once you solve them, own them.

Don’t let the same mistakes show up at your mind’s doorsteps. It takes discipline, and discipline is a mental muscle we must train daily.

Be Unforgiving with Yourself

Tackle all your issues head-on, unforgivingly, with brute force.
Be dead serious – it’s your life, no room for games.
You aren’t perfect; no one is. People just ‘seem perfect’, until you really get to know more about their lifes.



Multitasking. Had to stop doing that. Diluted my efforts in any one thing I was trying to accomplish. When I tried to do many things at once, it wasn’t only productivity-draining, but mentally tiring.

Trying to do it all, solo. Want your business to thrive? Not going to happen alone. You need a team, one that’s loyal, hungry, and ready to grow with you.

Too many projects. If you’re an entrepreneur, stick to one project. Make that shit blow.

Then diversify. If you don’t have a breadwinner, you’re wasting your time building prototypes.

Not tracking. If you track how you spend your time, you’ll learn a lot about yourself. most people don’t DO THIS.

I learnt the day I started planning my time in 15-minute slots. This gave me a better idea on how I spent my time, which areas I’m wasting the bulk of it on, and so I can remove that activity altogether.


How you spend your time says a lot about you. I’d say my egg-timer is a lifesaver.


Here’s a pic of it. Get one, it’s cheap, and a better investment than a car can be.



There’s always room for growth. Don’t kid yourself. Let’s go.




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