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Keep Training: Become a Better Entrepreneur


Working From Within

To me, digital entrepreneurship is a sport in itself.

One that doesn’t come with trophies – but gold medals in the form of lessons that lead to growth.

We may not be as physically exhausting ourselves when compared to sports like soccer or boxing, the same mental disciplines to pro athletes  are required.

In fact, I’d say you deserve credit for your lightning-quick fingers, ongoing decision-making, resiliency, and non-stop brain activity.

Different context, same set of hyper-competitive realities.

We’re literally putting our ass and body on the line – every waking day. You either go all in, or someone else will and take the lead.

To make serious bank, we must train like the highest paid athletes of our time.

Around The Clock

Like a pro-NBA player, you train pre-season, off the courts, and even when you don’t have the ball in your hands.

You wake up thinking about improving your game; you visualize yourself winning; and you go to sleep while playing the game inside your head.

The ball never drops,  the clock never stops.

Training is forever.

Below are 3 self-training hacks I currently adopt.

The difference between a winner and loser is that the winner trains, even when he least wants to.

1. Explore  & REPEAT

I believe that we should all be students of life.  It’s one of the greatest human gifts we have: to infinitely grow.

Explore areas which you wouldn’t normally assume interest in – you never know what you can learn to your benefit. Connections can be made – if you reflect carefully.

I read ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain, a book exploring the behaviors of an introvert. Why? because all good marketing (or business) starts with understanding people. Have you understood the inherent nature of all personality types? If not, why not?

The only consistent form of adventurousness I had was my inner curiosity to orbit into the unknown.

Kill your fear and doubts – Afterall, they’ve destroyed the dreams of most people.


As you get older, you should make an ongoing effort to acquire new experiences, not new possessions.

Hang out with different types of people; take up on a different sport, listen to a different genre of music.

Do something you’ve never chanced upon before or imagine yourself doing. In return, you grow by expanding your mental paradigms. When this expansion occurs, you see new possibilities.

I have a motto where I want to go somewhere I ‘feel alive’, but it’s ok to chill as well.

Build your reference points. Keep stacking them.

References and experiences are the key seeds that sprout new ideas. Your brilliant subconscious mind is always collecting new data and waiting to surprise you with something – but it needs the reference points to water your creative roots.

Most people get their best, or even unique ideas, from a synthesis of unrelated ideas.

The more references you incubate, the more you will create.

The process is easy.

Expose yourself to different sources of media, culture, people, event. Anything you never would’ve considered before.

Start participating in online or in-person conversations on topics you never touched up before. Learn, listen, stack. There are endless opportunities to earn new reference points.

Experience is your university of life, and you should always be an undergrad there.

3. MAKE IT YOUR Lifestyle

The only way to keep improving is to make it our lifestyle. You should be obsessed with growth.

You don’t think about brushing your teeth, breathing, or checking your phone notifications do you?

Because it’s all embedded in your lifestyle.

That’s why soccer players head back to the training camp/gym after their games. A violinist will continue to practice in solitude when he’s offstage. As an entrepreneur, you should keep building yourself, to build a better future for you and your business.

Money starts to rain once you start to train.

Why Don’t MOST People Train?

They’re lazy.

It’s wired in our default human state.

That’s why you’ll always have weaker competitors – they’re the ones not pushing themselves hard enough.

In general, most people put off training (or any hard work) as they prefer seeing ‘quick results’. They lose faith or get bored. When their account balance doesn’t fluctuate much after 1-2 sessions of workout, they move on to the next thing.Be patient, as self-development is a long-term game, just like your business.

Self-dev is a long-term game, just like your business.

The Good News

As long as you’re training, a ‘new’ you is emerging. When you self-detach from the old you –  you will always emerge to a better “you”.

You’re constantly working ‘on yourself’ to maintain not your ‘current form’, but to break out of it. If this isn’t happening, you’re not making progress. If you’re every feeling comfortable with where you are not, you’re probably not positioning yourself for growth.

Identify what your current strengths are and what you really need to work on – then go all in on polishing that area. By doing the things you least want to do, but also enjoying it, you take the express lane to evolution.

Start enjoying doing the things you least want to do.


I never enjoyed hiring and training new members;  but I knew I had to overcome the dread of this process if I wanted to scale my business quickly. The more competent my team was, the more progress the business made – this was a direct correlation that never skewed off-path.

As you move forward – whether it’d be in inches or strides – you will eventually operate under a new set of parameters.

Get to training.




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