Who is Andrew Wang?

What’s Here?

Firstly, thank you for being here. This means a lot to me. I’d  shed a tear if I knew you spent more than 60-seconds here. This site would be meaningless without your presence and time.

In return, I’ll make sure you get a strong kick out of every post.

If you’re new here, myflightup.com is where I share my personal stories, internal battles, along with constantly-renewed growth hacks.





Get a glimpse into my vision, the voices in my head, the way I am, and the who I am fighting to become.

Hopefully, you’ll learn a few hacks along the way.

If you followed me since my old days at allurrewang.com – I’ve migrated all the content here.

This is my digital journal to being a serial entrepreneur.The highs, the lows, an archive for my memories.

Find out how I manage my daily activities and roles without going crazy, as well as staying motivated in this game without burning out.





My Story

I started my journey as an entrepreneur, before I knew the word even existed.

My first taste of entrepreneurship occurred during my early days in elementary school. During 4thd grade, I sold self-made friendship bracelets, Then, I diversified my offers, and starting selling Pogs, to all forms of collectibles: NBA cards, Magic The Gathering etc. throughout middle school.

During 3rd grade, I sold self-made friendship bracelets, Then, I branched into selling Pogs, to all forms of collectibles: NBA cards, Magic The Gathering.

I’ve been turning profits throughout middle school.

All the above were buy-and-flip business model.

The margins were ridiculously great. I had zero competition due to the shortage of suppliers, as well as competitors (no other classmates were trying to cash-in on their peers.)

What drove me to make money at such a young age was due to the shortage of pocket-money my parents would give me.

They did it to prevent me from being spoiled, and I am forever thankful today for that.

It’s always been inherent me to have a crazy willpower to succeed in anything I do too. You can classify me with the industrious and competitive bunch.

Why Become an Entrepreneur?

I always wanted to start my own business since high school, so why not start early?

One of the unspoken blessings to being an entrepreneur is: You are forced grow fvcking fast.

The beauty of this journey is: You can never stop learning once you’re in. It’s crucial to keep learning, unlearning, and refining everything you’ve learned.

You only stop when you die.

Since the age of 17 where I started my career as a music artist, to stepping into the “be your own boss” role with my clothing company, I’ve been through hell and back. I’ve seen the peak and valleys.

The ups and downs are a recurring theme in this journey – it’s a sign that you’re moving up. Staying comfortable was never a good sign – since I’d only get lazy, and my productivity would dip.

I’ve worked with several corporate entities: Sony Bmg, AsiaSounds, Siemens, and even had the opportunity to take up a position as Beijing’s Microsoft’s Executive Producer – all which are blessings.

Hybrid of I.T & Arts

Having produced a diverse range of content. I’d probably say I’m a multimedia addict. I love keeping both my left and right brain exercised.

From written words to crafting motion visuals, I’ve always had the burning curiosity and drive to create content via different medium. This gave me not breadth, but depth.

Everyday is an opportunity to train and get better at your craft. I write when I’m in family mart, taking a dump, and even on-the-go. Churning out 1000 words daily is near-automatic, which allowed me to create content daily. I’ve always enjoyed raising my own benchmarks.

Since 23, I’ve been practicing photography (from jounalistic to fashion).  Took up on filming and video production after since there was less competition, and more value in content form.  I’ve been blessed to produce webmercials, video documentaries and even music videos for some crazy talent


After signing up to be an entrepreneur, I’ve juggled multiple roles: CEO, business developer, HR, designer, video producer/editor, PR – I don’t know where it’ll actually end. There’s always a new role which sneakily begs for my attention as I evolve.

I’ve developed, managed, and ranked over top 10, for over 50 pages. I’ve filmed and produced multiple videos for corp and startup brands.

Wearing many hats drove me crazy at times – but it sure broadened my perspective and skill range.


My personality? Outgoing, open, and I enjoy lots of laughs.

But, I’ll let you be the judge should we ever have the chance to meet in person.

Digital Marketing

I now have 12+ years in digital marketing. From on-page SEO optimization to content creation, copywriting, to launching 15+ profitable online shops, developing digital guides, along with steadily growing membership programs.

After starting up MidasReach, I currently provide 360 digital marketing solutions for other businesses. Services include website property development, search engine positioning, all the way to content and digital production. Whatever it takes to grow your business, we’ll have it taken care of.

Filming + Video Production

Secured over 50+ projects. Scripted, filmed, and produced and produced a wide range of webmercials to music videos. Offered video filming and production services.


I became a prolific writer since I started writing my own music as an artist. This role became more official when I launched own street fashion and lifestyle magazine, where I had to create my own content during the beginning. Unfortunately, they’re now discontinued as I only have so much time in a day. I’ll be merging a lot of the key interviews and features I did here.

I’ve also authored a sports-investment handbook and several manuals in the self-help niche.


Training, assigning duties, creating actionable guidelines, running performance reviews, keeping everyone happy. Sounds tedious, but it keeps everyone on point.

When the team is strong, so will the business.

HR Mode

I do it the Zuckerberg way. I recruit every day, as I believe there’s always talent out there.  I believe on leveraging on my team’s strength, and prioritizing my time on duties which I only I excel at. On a daily basis, I’m responsible for managing a team of < 15 people.


Being an entrepreneur is tough, but it’s immensely rewarding and do-able.

You just need to find your own ‘balance’ and keep tweaking your daily system and work processes.

My mission for this blog is simple: To share with you What works, and what doesn’t” when it comes to building a business, and upgrading yourself.

I hope my words will help you as a person and contribute to your ongoing success as a driven individual.

I hope the future entries on my life as a young entrepreneur will keep you entertained and enlightened. If not, email me and tell me you’ll never revisit.

Again, thank you for being here – I truly appreciate it.

Welcome to myflightup.com.