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8 Underrated Skills for New Digital Entrepreneurs


The Great 8 Basics to Crushing It

Here’s a shortlist of eight winning skills I encourage every new digital entrepreneur to execute fluently – especially if you want to catch up and stay ahead in today’s hyperspeed-morphing digital world.

All tips below lead to one thing: Invest in yourself.

Learn and earn faster. No curves are ever steep once you’ve immersed yourself with the process with endless curiosity and interest.

Let’s start with some hard skills.

1. Type Blazing Fast

This one may seem like common sense, yet so many people still struggle with it.

Even when they do type fast – the fail to do so with precision. I’ve seen so many people lose time due to their slow moving fingers, or repeatedly hitting that ‘backspace’ because they lack accuracy.

Step up your WPM and precision – you’ll get far more done, much faster.

If you’re still looking at your keyboard occasionally to find an alphabet or symbol, you’re already behind.

Memorize everything on your keyboard. If you’re turtle-slow typer, re-train yourself with typing-games. Place your fingers where they should be.

2. Master All Hot Keys

This one’s the younger brother to the tip above – a huge time saver as well.

Learn the hotkeys to any software, apps, and browsers you use on the daily. Copy and Paste (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) isn’t enough – there are tons more.

Spend at least a good 30-minutes just figuring out the hotkeys you’ll most likely use, and commit them to memory.

3. Basic Coding Literacy

Don’t let the word ‘coding’ scare you. You don’t have to memorize lines of code, nor code from scratch. Let those who make a full-time living doing it, do that. You just have to borrow from them – but know how to ‘read’ what you need.

Knowing how to interpret the meanings and functions of each code will put you above other entrepreneurs (who aren’t techies).

Some languages which you should be familiar with are: HTML, HTML5, PHP, CSS, Java. It’s not impossible to learn them – you probably aren’t making the time to learn.

4. Hosting & Website Optimization

There’s are stacks & stacks of tutorials on web hosting – so I won’t dive deep into how it works.

If you’re trying to build your business online, you should know how to setup your own business emails, use FTP to transfer files, and have basic understanding of what MySQL is. These procedures should not need outsourcing.

How to determine which hosting provider is best?

Always find an amazing Hosting provider to start out with. Do your research, and find which host serves best for your business type and audience.

Once your site is ready, make sure oyu’ve optimized every page for the following areas: Page load speed, user-experience engagement, functionality, conversions.

5. Content Production Know-How

You (or your team member) will eventually be using any of the following apps when running your business: Adobe Illustrator, Premier, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Indesign etc.

Having beginner experience with either one is better than not having any at all. So, get some idea on how these softwares work and what they’re capable of.

Put in some time to research. You should always know the possibilities and potential to every device and app, this is how you maximize leverage from them.

I forced myself to become an expert user for every app so I didn’t have to outsource whenever I needed something digital created fast – for e.g, creating a digital flyer or editing a quick video.

Get more done, save time, save money, SAVE THE FRUSTRATION.

6. Sales-Savvy

Being sales-savvy will always be an essential business skill, even when you’re not technically at the front-end selling. This is a skill that requires cosntant practice.

Everything really comes down to being sales-smart. You want your logo, your message, your brand image to all sell.

How we sell our products and services also evolve with time. When Facebook first started, there wasn’t any shopping functionality – but now you can sell through them.

At the end of the day, make sure you begin crafting extraodinary content which your end-user will give you their time of day for.

The real art to marketing, is to know how to appeal to your customer’s emotional desires and tailoring solutions to their needs.

7. Go Super Social

If you’ve got a strong social game and circle, you already have great leverage. If you aren’t good with people – start working on it. Read any guide that will help you become a ‘people’s person’. The same social etiquettes which apply offline, applies online.

Soon there will be no divide once everything becomes transparent.

Never stop connecting with your industry influencers. Collaborate with others. People are the currency.

Keep building new relationships and while nurturing the old ones. A higher quality network will always surprise you with unforeseen opportunities. This is no time to ‘lay low’ and avoid the big crowds.

The greater your reach, the more the possibilities.

8. Study Religiously

There are no shortcuts to studying. You must, must put in the hours.

Do whatever you can to become the best in your field.

If if you are an aspiring videographer, learn everything about creating visuals and sound. Learn film history, how to storytell, lighting and shooting techniques, latest camera equipments/gadgets – everything about video.

Buying a few outdated bestselling books on your field of practice isn’t going to cut it too; stay in-the-loop with all the latest  trends from forums and community groups for your niche.

Embrace the trial and error – the best lessons you’ll ever have are through firsthand.

This is how to I got started and how I got to where I am today.

Enjoy the Process

To wrap this post up with – never fail to enjoy the journey you’ve set yourself on. Being a digital entrepreneur is no walk in the park. This is not a short term gig. Enjoy the highs, learn from teh lows.

Let discipline and persistence drive you forward, and always stay hungry and passionate.

Please share these 8 underrated skills above with someone you care about.



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