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3 Surefire Ways to Get More Creative


Struggling to Get More Creative?

Spending half of my day operating with my left-brain, I’ve discovered my own sustainable methods to triggering my inner coveted sparks.

Instead of forcing yourself to ‘get creative’ and come up new groundbreaking ideas, make them flood to you.

So, let’s get on with it – 3 surefire ways on how to get more creative.

1. Do Something Different/New, Everyday!

The point of doing something new or dfiferent everyday, is so you can expand your mental horizons. Build those new neural networks in your brain! Keep exposing yourself to the ‘new’; do something new. This won’t only help you become more creative, but help you stay ahead of the curve.

For example, walk into your house backwards. Perform a new dance move you’ve never attempted. When you see a plain wall, visually a drawing on it. Hear music inside a silent room.

Do free work for someone you’d like to learn from – be an Intern again. By ecxhanging your time for opportunity ot leanr – you nurture your creative possibilities with newly gained prespectives, and this could all lead to bigger work down the line.

It’s important to research and roll with the times. Don’t be left in the past. Your brain is an operating software that constantly needs updates.

Do your creative mind a huge favor: Keep your mind open, stop censoring.

This process is mad simple – you just have to practice it until it becomes second nature throughout your day.

2. Stop Being too F&#KIN Serious!

What often happens as we get older? We try to establish ‘order’ in our life. We become too serious.

Responsibilities pile up – we tend to think too linearly, our schedule becomes more hectic, we become slave to work, we struggle to ladder up in life, and well – everything becomes seriously, shittier.

Relax. Stop living your life like an old ass man. You have the choice to lead  and live life however you want. You’re wasting your energy and brainpower by being too serious.

Find time to slow down, decompress, and the solutions to mos of your probelms will come to you.

Be playful. Awaken your youth. Engage with the multiple dimensions of life, have fun; then get back on the grind and repeat.

We have an abundance of creativity juice that goes unused.

Why? because most of us are too lazy to learn, or to fully use our brain.

Our lizard brain likes to feel safe and comfortable. It doesn’t want to be exerted – it wants to chill. Be aware of this and rebel against it. Your comfort zone should be your non-comfort zone.

Da Vinci himself was an architect, musician, mathematician, athlete, and botanist. Imagine how often he had to mentally stimulate himself.

3. Be Connected to the Present

What’s happening now? What color is your mood? If today was a movie, what would you call it? Think differently.

Every once in a while, slow down and soak up your surrounding.

Next time you roam the streets, take notice. Notice people’s movement and moods. Study the ads and packaging to everything you buy.

When we were a kid, we were the most curious. We loved identifying unknown objects, creating new meanings, taking on new adventures.

This is where you want to be.

Explore uncharted territories. Make connections between two random things. Let your thoughts run wild.

Get creative. Unlock your brain.




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